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Natural Gas and Propane Vent-Free Fireplaces

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Installing a new fireplace instantly changes the look and feel of your home. A modern gas fireplace is a great solution whether you're upgrading after years of owning a standard fireplace, looking to put your home on the market, or installing a fireplace for the first time.

When buying a new fireplace that uses propane or gas, it might be difficult to initially narrow your options because there are so many attractive products available to you. You already know you want your fireplace to be match your home's decor, and you probably want it to provide heat in the winter, but what else do you want and need in a fireplace? Let's discuss some pros and cons of propane and natural gas ventless fireplaces now.

There are a variety of reasons why you might choose to go vent-free when installing a new fireplace. Vent-free fireplaces don’t vent out gasses like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide and are virtually 100-percent efficient, saving you additional costs in the long-run. Because your damper stays closed with a vent-free fireplace, heat can't escape as quickly. That makes a vent-free fireplace a great option in locations where the winter months are long and brutal, and your energy costs tend to skyrocket as you're trying to keep your spaces warm and comfortable. This is particularly true for areas that experience dry winter months, since vent-free fireplaces also produce humidity. This is a side effect of the functionality of a vent-free system, however, it eliminates the need for additional humidifying solutions, which can be expensive to maintain or replace.

However, the regulations for vent-free fireplaces may vary dramatically from municipality to municipality, which may make installing this type of fireplace difficult. Before you begin browsing, we strongly recommend contacting an expert in your area to learn whether a vent-free option is an option at all.
Although you may have heard that vent-free fireplaces may not always be customized as easily as vented options, there are a actually a fair amount of options available to you.

Customizations can include:

Fireplace Liner – such as Reflective Black Porcelain for the Boulevard Series
Decorative Media – such as Fire Glass or Logs
Trim/Fronts – such as a Beveled Front
Surround – Such as the Convex Brush Surround for the Napoleon Plazmafire
Lighting Kits- Enhance the display and view of the fireplace (Common name – Accent Lighting Kits)

Confused about our selection of efficient no-vent indoor gas fireplaces? We have dedicated experts standing by to help you make the best purchasing decision for your individual fireplace needs. We have years of experience working closely with homeowners and contractors and look forward to working with you.