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Valcourt Luxury Wood Burning Fireplaces

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Looking for a Wood Burning Fireplace is no simple matter. It can get confusing finding the right one for you. The question becomes, are you looking for performance? Or ambiance? Luckily, Valcourt provides us with a variety of both.

Valcourt Performance Wood Burning Fireplaces provide a much higher efficiency level than their counterpart. Their main purpose is for eco-friendly heating that abides by the new 2020 limits imposed by the EPA. Just because these are high efficiency wood burning fireplaces, doesn't mean you can't open the door and enjoy the ambiance.

Whereas the Performance Wood Burning Fireplaces focus on efficiency, the Valcourt Ambiance Wood Burning Fireplaces focus on the aesthetics of the unit and the overall display. If need be, even Ambiance Fireplaces could become an alternate source of heat, just not as efficient as the Performance.