Why get a chimney cleaning?

Regular Chimney Cleanings and Inspections are vital to the safety of your family. Chimney cleanings eliminate the buildup of creosote and other debris that accumulates with regular usage of the appliances that utilize the chimney, thus preventing potentially deadly chimney fires. Furthermore, regular chimney cleanings and inspections ensure the integrity of the chimney itself.


All cleanings come with a 14 point inspection to make sure your chimney is safe from top to bottom. The National Chimney Sweep Guild recommends cleaning a chimney every year, every face cord of wood or every 50 fires.

1. Termination/Height/Clearance of your chimney.

2. Proper raincap/spark arrestor.

3. Chimney crowns/wash is free of cracks and proper over hang.

4. Brick/Mortar joints are free of cracking and pitting.

5. Flashing/Collar is properly sealed.

6. Clay flue tiles are free of cracks, missing mortar or not shifted.

7. Water or leaking from the crown, flashing, shoulders or brick itself.

8. Smoke chamber is properly parged.

9. Damper opens and closes efficiently and is free of warping and corrosion.

10. Firebox brick are solid without missing mortar or shifted bricks.

11. Ash Container and Ash Dump door are in proper working order.

12. Proper Spark Screen and fireplace lintel is sealed properly.

13. Gas log lighter and key valve are functioning properly and are free of corrosion and warping.

14. Proper clearance of the hearth and mantel are present.

Gas Fireplace Cleanings

Whether you have a Direct Vent or B-Vent Gas Fireplace you still need to get a cleaning/inspection at least once a year. Like any gas appliance in your home, your gas fireplaces should still be treated for safety and efficiently of your fireplace.