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Gas & Electric Fireplace FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas Fireplaces

Should I choose vented or vent-free?

Which option you'll choose will depend on a range of factors. Check out this resource page to become acquainted with each type of fireplace.

What’s the difference between a millivolt (standing pilot) and intermittent pilot (IPI)?

Direct vent and vent-free gas fireplaces will either be millivolt or intermittent pilot (IPI). IPIs use electronic ignition and some have the capability to go into CPI (constant pilot ignition), which is essentially a standing pilot.
Most gas fireplaces provide the option to choose, however IPIs are much more common.
IPI allows for more versatile control options.

My wall has depth restrictions. What is the minimum required depth to install a fireplace?

Each product is different. All of our product pages lists the framing dimensions (height, depth & width) clearly.

Do the remote controls include the ability to adjust the flame height?

Yes, some do. Simply look for "Multi-Function / Variable Remote Options" in the product features.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Fireplaces

What’s the most realistic electric fireplace?

Our Ignite or Revillusion Series fireplaces are extremely lifelike and offer a variety of aesthetic features.
Dimplex Opti-Myst fireplaces also create very realistic fires, however the majority of the Opti-Myst units don’t actually provide heat.

My wall has depth restrictions, what is the minimum required depth?

Each product is different. All of our product pages lists the framing dimensions (height, depth & width) clearly.
Additionally, we offer a range of wall-mounted electric fireplaces, which are a great alternative option when space is limited.

Do electric fireplaces have crackling sound effects?

Some electric fireplaces have built in sound effects, such as the Opti-V Series.
Additional Crackling Sound Effect Accessories may be purchased, such as the Real Fyre Pine Cone Crackler.

Can I just plug my electric fireplace into the wall?

Most complete units require to be hard-wired.
Most electric log sets can simply be plugged in.
Some electric fireplaces have optional plug kits available.

Optional plug-in kits include products on this page (EXCLUDING the 24" sizes), the RBFPLUG kit, the Dimplex 74" wall mount, and the BLF7451 plug kit.

Wall-mounted, recessed, or half-recessed?

If you have framing restrictions where the wall depth is too short, most linear electric fireplaces have the option to be wall-mounted or half-recessed.
Some are specifically wall-mounted or recessed.
Wall-mounted electric fireplaces are very similar to how you would hang a picture frame (with more steps), so they don't require a technician.
Recessed mounting allows for the fireplace to sit flat in the wall with no overlap.
Half-recessed is perfect for a smaller wall (think 2' x 4') – in most instances a trim is required to allow for a seamless appearance.