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Fireplace Gas Logs & Burners FAQs

What size log set do I need?
Choosing the right log set is easy. Check out our sizing chart and quick, easy sizing calculator.

What kind of burner do I need?
Check out our burner information and comparisons article for a complete breakdown.

Do I need a control system/safety valve?
Propane logs include and require safety valves.
Choose a safety valve/control system if you want a standing pilot.
A control system will give you the option to turn your burner on and off from your couch.

Can we use gas logs outdoors?
We offer specified burners that are certified for outdoor use.

Should I go vented or vent-free?
For a detailed breakdown of pros and cons, check out this vented/vent-free informational page.

Can we use a Real Fyre Burner with real wood or other gas logs?
No, you cannot use any gas burner with real wood.
Please note that using Real Fyre Burners with any other brand of gas logs will void the warranty.

Do the remote controls include the ability to adjust the flame height?
Some do. Look for control options that include "Variable Flame Height".

Do I need to purchase sand, lava rocks, embers etc. separately?
Sand (or vermiculite)and embers are included with the burners.
However, lava rocks and fire glass are sold separately.

Do I have to have a flue to use gas logs?
You'll need a flue to accommodate vented gas logs. Vent-Free logs and fireplaces do not require a flue.

Can fireplace gas logs be used with a wall switch?
Yes, BUT
They cannot be used with a remote control.
Wall switches should be used from whichever manufacturer the control system is from.
If you have an existing wall switch, it's possible to rewire to connect directly to the control system. However, this is not guaranteed to work – and is generally not recommended.

Do gas logs require electricity?
Gas logs do not.
Most control systems are battery operated and do not require electricity.
Some electronic stand-alone (not factory installed) control systems do require electricity (we do not carry these).
Battery operated controls should be replaced once a year (just the batteries not the whole system).

What’s the difference between a match lit, standing pilot and intermittent pilot (IPI)?
Match lit will require you to light the pilot for every use.
A standing pilot means that the pilot is always on, and does not require you to re-light the flame for every use – and can be turned on with a valve or remote.
Intermittent pilot removes the standing pilot, and uses electronic ignition to start the pilot and log set.

Who can install gas logs?
Any gas fitter of plumber is certified to install gas logs. However, we recommend you find one that has experience with gas log systems.