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Decorative & EPA Approved High Efficiency Wood Fireplaces

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Traditional wood fireplaces are an inviting addition to a home. While many alternatives exist, having a wood burning fireplace may still be your preference for one reason or another. But wood fireplaces also have a reputation for being inefficient. That's because older models tend to actually lose as much heat as they produce; warm air is sucked out of your home while cold air gets pulled in, causing fireplaces to be largely inefficient, expensive and not worth the hassle.

Traditional wood burning fireplaces, like the one you might have had growing up, are inefficient, exhausting to clean and maintain, and create a negative environmental impact. Most old fireplaces produce a great ambiance, but they're not a primary source of heat. Welcome to the 21st century, where wood fireplaces have been re-engineered to be highly efficient, functional, practical and more beautiful than ever. Today, having a wood burning fireplace isn't out of the question; new models from manufacturers such as Napoleon and Valcourt feature expert designs that are more practical, functional and energy efficient than ever before.

If you've had your heart set on a real wood fireplace, or you thought that this was no longer an available option, check out our selection of traditional and contemporary wood burning products. Whether you're concerned about energy loss, environmental damage or simply having to deal with awkward and bulky designs that lead to sticky, squeaky screens, you can count on these fireplaces to deliver superior results.

These wood fireplaces have been carefully engineered not only to look better and function with more ease, they also meet or exceed the conditions required by the EPA to qualify as certifiably clean burning. You really can have it all. Create the ambiance you want and get cozy with less wood, less creosote and better combustion efficiency today.