The Guide to finding the perfect gas log set

Finding the right gas log set for your home could be time consuming. There are so many options available and it could get overwhelming. Follow this simple step-by-step guide that can give you a good idea about making the choices that are right for your home and your taste.

Beginning Steps

Step One

Know your fireplace venting system!

Step Two

Determine the size that will be perfect for your fireplace!

Step Three

Choose a log style that you know you'll love.

Step One: Know your fireplace venting system

Vented and Vent-Free are the two categories of Gas Log Sets. If you are looking for gas log sets for an existing fireplace, check to see which venting system is currently in place. If it is for a new fireplace consider the differences between these two options.

Vented Gas Logs

  • More realistic and natural looking flame than vent-free
  • must be installed in a fully functioning wood burning fireplace
  • Majority of heat is lost as it goes up the chimney (heat output is similar to burning wood)
  • Produces some soot when flame touches log
  • Click below to view our collection of Vented Gas Logs

Vent-Free Gas Logs

  • Delivers more heat inside your home than vented gas fires
  • Must be installed in a fireplace approved for a vent-free log set
  • Installation is subject to state & local codes (some areas do not allow vent-free)
  • Click below to view our collection of Vent-Free Gas Logs

Step TWO: Determine the Size of Your Gas Logs

To get the perfect look, it's important to choose the size log set that best fits in your fireplace. This simple measuring process will help you choose the right size. It's important to consult with our customer service representatives. To get a good idea, follow the steps below.

Measurement Guide

  1. Measure the front width of your fireplace
  2. Measure the width at the back of your fireplace
  3. Measure the depth from the front to back of your fireplace
  4. Measure the height from the top to bottom of the front of your fireplace
  5. Measure the height from the top to bottom of the back of your fireplace

Take these measurements and check out our Gas Log Set Size Calculator by clicking below!

Step Three: Choose a log style you know you'll love

There is an almost endless selection of gas log styles. This limitless variety might make it hard a hard decision, so let us help point you in the right direction. Below are a few options for the Vented Gas Logs.

Next Steps

Step Four

Choose from the compatible burners for your chosen gas log style.

Step Five

Determine Fuel Type

Step Six

How do you want to start and control your gas fire?

Step Four: Choose A burner that fits your gas log

While gas logs beautify your fireplace, the burners are responsible for creating the ambiance and the mood with its dynamic dancing flames and realistic glowing embers. Note that some gas logs go only with a specific burner system.

Vented Burners


With dancing flames and a glowing ember bed, this burner is by far the most common, and has compatibility with a wide range of log sets.


The G45, or "Triple Burner", has an extra burner in the front and down the middle connecting the two. This accentuates the front flame and ember bed of the log set.


This new Real Fyre three(3)-tiered burner system not only creates that high and full-bodied flame, it does so while using fewer BTU's than other systems. The log sets compatible with this are limited, click here to view compatible log sets.


The G52 Radiant Fyre features an exclusive stainless steel "booster grid" that acts as a catalyst to increase the intensity of the fire. The log sets compatible with this are limited, click here to view compatible log sets.

Vent-Free Burners


This burner is ideal for smaller places, and works with a designated log set named Valley Oak. This burner even includes a 9,500 BTU option which is perfect for bedrooms.


This burner is designed to fit the traditional beauty of Golden Oak Designer or Split Oak Designer logs, which add to the elegant burn and dancing flames of the G9.


Like Charred Logs but need Vent-Free? This burner is made to go specifically with Charred Frontier Oak and Charred Aged Split Oak. The lively flames and large ember bed highlight the logs.


The G18 Burner is designed for use with the Evening Fyre Series, including Charred and Split. The hand-painted logs have a distinctive charring on the front log, and combined with the dramatic ember bed of the G18, it really mimics a wood fire.

Step Five: Determine The Fuel Type!

Gas Logs are available in two fuel types, Natural Gas and Liquid Propane. You may already have a line installed in the fireplace, in which case the gas you burn will be decided. If there is not a line, then you will have to decide what fuel type you would like to use.

Step Six: How do you want to start and control your fire?

Just like your TV, there is multiple options when it comes to starting and controlling your gas fire. There are three ways, Match Lit, Manual Safety Pilot, and Remote Control.


This option is for natural gas only. There is no pilot, only the logs and burner. Your fire is lit by placing a match or lighter near the burner, then turning the gas with your key valve. You control your flame height using your key valve which is normally located outside the fireplace in either the wall or floor.

Manual Safety pilot

This system has a safety pilot that is manually lit and stays lit at all time. Also called a standing pilot, it is similar to a pilot found in a water heater. You can turn the burner on and off manually by reaching inside your fireplace and turning the control knob. You cannot operate this type of system with a remote control, however, you can upgrade later.

Remote Control

Remote control systems include a remote pilot valve assembly. Depending on the remote option you select, you will have the ability to control certain functions. The remote options are either a basic on/off control or a variable flame height control.

Final Step: Additional accessories

Now, it isn't completely necessary to add accessories, but why not turn your logs into something more?

Fire Glass

Fire glass is guaranteed to add a sparkle to your fireplace, with an almost limitless selection of colors you can make your fireplace truly yours. View our Fire Glass Collection.

Lava Rocks

Fire glass too flashy for you? Lava Rocks are the best alternative. Lava Rocks are available in large or small.


Real Fyre Fyrebacks are specially designed to augment the flame reflection in your fireplace while providing a functional backdrop for your log set. Available in Polished Stainless Steel and Black Porcelain.

Ready to take the next step?